Life In 360°: Welcome To The Battlefield(s)

We’ve been having quite a few highly serious videos recently on Life In 360°, referred to (lovingly… I think…) by the VRFocus staff as ‘Li360’ behind the scenes. Lots of documentaries, serious discuss and real life items. Whatever happened to the world of fantasy on Life In 360°? When did it all become rock bands and environmental conservation, watch factories and cars? So, so many cars.

It has been a very long time indeed – many months as it happens – since we last had something on here relating (directly anyway) to video games. So, as gatherer of your thrice weekly scheduled dip into 360 degree videos it’s a balance I’d like to redress somewhat with today’s offering.

We head back a year to when this video first came out which takes us on a fly-through of several maps and locations from Valve’s highly successful team-based shooter/hat-owning simulator Team Fortress 2. It’s also something of a ‘spot the TF2 character’ game as well, as various ones appear throughout the video.

VRFocus will be returning to Life In 360° this coming Monday, but be sure to come back over the weekend and course of today for more virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) news.