Life In 360°: Toyota Hits The Roads Of California

We’ve covered a number of automotive videos in 360 degrees on Life In 360 down the months. Be it the latest attempts by Formula 1 to film in  the medium, Formula E’s attempts to create virtual races, car stories, car shows, car advertisements, you name it and at this point we’ve covered it. Probably twice. Still as the medium becomes more popular and additionally more accessible so to increases the interests and the frequency in which we see it.

Today’s video falls under the promotional category and is for Japanese manufacturer Toyota, promoting a new version of it’s Prius line. Again, not the first time they have been featured on Life In 360°, previously teaming with Discovery to create a video that explained how the hydrogen cell works in the Toyota Mirai. Last month a patent was also revealed detailing Toyota’s work in the field of augmented reality (AR) and the development of an AR inclusive windshield.

The advert is a product of Los Angeles studio VR Playhouse, another name likely familiar to regular VRFocus readers, and follows the story of  friends taking a trip in their Prius cars across a America and embarking on a number of classic summer adventure scenarios.  All designed to show-off the Californian state and the redesigned Prius in its ‘CA Style’.

“We wanted to show the idea of people travelling, going on adventures, and spending time with friends.” Explains the director, VR Playhouse’s director DJ Turner. “Incorporating not only iconic locations like San Francisco and the Central Valley, but also parts of NorCal life that you don’t often see, like tubing in the river. Northern California has so much to experience, and the Prius is a great way to do it all. I hope the 360 video encourages people to get out and explore, wherever they may be.”

 VRFocus will bring you another example of 360 degree video on Wednesday.