Life In 360°: The Beat Of Drums & History In Red Square

Russia, or the Russian Federation, holds some truly fascinating history and Moscow is of course a great example of where you can see it all together. There’s the mix of cultural and architectural history, a mix of Byzantine legacy, Russian renaissance era (personified by the colourful and iconic Saint Basil’s Cathedral on Red Square) and more. From the time of the Tsars to the time of the Empire through the Soviet era and the influences of the likes of Lenin and Stalin and into the modern era.

Of course there is also the influence of the Russian military, and the strength of the ‘Red Army’ is often on show in Red Square which is where we’re heading for today’s 360 degree video. However it’s music and dancing that is being paraded and not tanks and missiles in this video.

The below footage, courtesy of RT.com, is taken from the final night of the 2016 Spasskaya Tower International Military Music Festival. Thousands of attendees got to see military band from around the world showcase their talents in the shadow of the Kremlin. You can watch, and listen, to the video below.

VRFocus will be back on Friday for another example of 360 degree video in action.