Life In 360°: Tanks For The Memory

Our midweek foray into the varied world of 360 degree video takes us away from the childlike innocence of Monday’s fluffy encounter with chicks and into the theatre of war. Yes, we’re travelling from America to that well know country for military matters… er, Norway.

In this video from just under a year ago thanks to a battery of GoPros mounted to the turret you get to ride around on the then relatively new CV90 armoured assault vehicle. (That’s a tank to me and you.) Take in the muddy fields around you as you. For military buffs, the CV90 is a creation of BAE Systems AB and has actually been in service outside of Norway since 1993. It doesn’t even have a roots inside of Norway itself and is of Swedish heritage.

Tossing that aside though, the video, originally posted by Teknisk Ulkeblad, allows you to ride along on top of the autocannon just like you were the solider sticking their head out. Enjoy.

VRFocus is back with another Life In 360° this coming Friday.