Life In 360°: A Saw Point

It’s always fun with Life In 360° to use it to let you see a place you are likely to be aware of, but from an entirely different angle. Likewise we’ve found, now that 360 degree cameras are out amongst the general public, that you come across all manner videos showcasing places you’d never think to feature.

Today’s video falls into the latter as we’re back off on our travels around America. Thankfully not back to Wyoming and Yellowstone. Again. But this time to Illinois, more specifically the grounds of the Tri County Antique Club grounds in Jersey County where you’ve potentially got a most uncomfortable seat (as well as something of a loud one) aboard a vintage sawmill. The operators have mounted the camera on the trolley, so you get a most unusual look  at the woodworking experience. Mind the chippings – and the 4 foot circular saw blade!

VRFocus will be back on Friday with another example of 360 degree video at work.