Life In 360°: A Red Hot Hotfix

Good morning everyone to another week in a rapidly disappearing September. Seriously, where is this time all going? Is there a leak? Is there some sort of temporal plumber we need to call out to fix it?

Speaking of fixing things, so whilst I was away at that the weekend one of the posts on the weekend related to the Red Hot Chili Peppers who have recently performed at Kraftwerk Berlin as part of the Telekom Street Gigs. They did so to over 1,300 fans whilst simultaneously streaming the gig online. It was, somewhat notably, also being presented in 360 degrees, hence VRFocus reported on it. However, as you may have noticed in our joy at sharing this video with you we didn’t actually see that the video wasn’t in 360 degrees. In fact it was a video of the video. So whilst it showed a 360 viewpoint it was only shown seeing that view captured by the person capturing it.


So I do feel somewhat obliged this morning to provide any disappointed fans with some, err… degree of Red Hot Chili Peppers-related 360 degree content. In fact since you’re somewhat owed, let’s have two videos today.

So first up is an interview with the band’s Anthony Kiedis in 360 degrees prior to the gig. In it he discusses his expectations for the concert as well as how the band as musicians target their performance to include everyone.

Now for some actual music. Whilst the band haven’t put out an officially released 360 degree video as of yet, one gig-goer recorded footage from the crowd at a recent performance. It may seem a little bit dark at the beginning (turn up the settings to max if you can) but things soon change as their huge international hit By The Way really kicks in.

Lastly someone has actually put the full Telekom gig mentioned previous up on YouTube in non-360. You can watch the entire thing here, for so long as it remains up. Something to have in the background whilst you work through the weekend emails.

VRFocus will of course be bringing you all sorts of news and features from around the world as usual this week. Be sure to check back regularly for everything virtual, augmented and mixed reality.