Kids VR Playground Spinoff Candy Kingdom Hits HTC Vive Tomorrow

Last month VRFocus reported on indie videogame developer Crovax Studios in collaboration with GamePlayStudioVR revealing their first major virtual reality (VR) Kids VR Playground. Part of that title was an on-rails gallery style shooter mini-game set in a sweet filled universe. Now the two studios have spun that idea off into its own fully fledged videogame, Candy Kingdom.

Designed as a fun shooting experience for all ages, Candy Kingdom was a magical place run by a kind and benevolent King. One day the King and his army of candy cookies welcomed a little fairy in who was lost and looking for a home. This fairy was actually an evil witch who wanted the candy and kingdom for herself.

Candy Kingdom image 2

Over time the witch put a spell on the King making him lose interest in his kingdom and all the sweets. Now in control of King Candy the witch instructed him to close off the kingdom, commanding the candy cookies to stop anyone entering and also swapped all the sweets for enchanted ones to ensure everyone was under her control.

With 18 main levels to work through, it’s up to players to shoot all the enchanted candy located around the levels and the candy cookies who guard the kingdom. The 18 levels are split into three difficulties: levels 1 – 6 are easy and the cookies are non-threatening, 7 – 12 are medium difficulty with some of the cookies attacking players, while 12 – 18 are the hardest levels with the cookie army attacking in full. For an added challenge there are 18 bonus levels, which if completed unlock auto-shooting.

Candy Kingdom also features an online leaderboard to take on other players scores from around the world.
Crovax Studios and GamePlayStudioVR will launch Candy Kingdom on Steam tomorrow with support for the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD).

As for Kids VR Playground, VRFocus will keep you up to date on the latest announcements.