Jack Daniels Takes its VR Distillery Tour to India

More and more brands are utilising virtual reality (VR) technology to promote their products and image to a worldwide audience. Companies such as Kelloggs, Nescafé, Mountain Dew and Red Bull are just a few that have delved into the technology. Whiskey brand Jack Daniels created a 360-degree experience earlier this year which its now launched in India reports etretail.com.

The company has filmed an immersive tour of its famous Lynchburg, Tennessee distillery, which is still the only place in the world that produces every barrel. The video – which can be seen below – starts with a flyover of the distillery before taking viewers through some of the process that goes into making the drink. From the creation of the 10 feet of sugar maple charcoal that’s used to mellow the whiskey, to the barrel house where master distiller Jeff Arnet samples the whiskey to tell when its ready.

“We all have our anniversaries. They allow us to honour the important events in our lives and to ensure the lessons of the past are not forgotten,” Arnett said in a statement. “This new technology is a way for us to celebrate the Jack Daniel Distillery with fans everywhere and bring them closer to Lynchburg. The 360 degree video experience will allow Jack Daniel’s consumers a chance to ‘visit’ the rick yard, see the cave spring hollow and feel as though they are right there in Lynchburg where each batch of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey is crafted, and has been for 150 years.”

The tour was created to celebrate Jack Daniels 150th anniversary, making it the oldest registered distillery in the US.

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