Insomniac Games’ Feral Rites Reduces in Price, Oculus Compensates Existing Owners With 6 Free Games

Especially in this day and age prices for videogames can seem a bit much, and it often gives the stigma of the higher the price the higher the quality. Insomniac Games may have initially fallen into this trap, but now it has resolved it in a more than agreeable way.

Feral Rites was originally set at a price that most AAA games hold, but after not even a week of being on the Oculus Store there have been complaints, and Insomniac Games has listened, taking the price down from $49.99 (USD) to $29.99. “As we do with all our games, we’ve paid careful attention and responded to player feedback so far.

Feral Rites - 2

“We appreciate the support from everyone who has experienced Feral Rites, and we understand the concerns as well — especially about the game’s price. Effective immediately, the price of Feral Rites is $29.99. The game’s original price was largely based on all the work that went into it. We’re proud that Feral Rites is among the largest VR games of its kind available today.”

If you have already bought a copy of Feral Rites for the Oculus Rift, then you may feel a little bamboozled. Oculus will quickly help you get over these feelings with not four, not five, but six free games. These are: AirMech Command, Damaged Core, Defense Grid VR, Chronos, Edge of Nowhere, and The Climb. As you can see by the reports made by VRFocus on these titles, they’re not just fillers, but rather chunky games which will more than fill the hole, one of which is Insomniac Games’ first VR title.

You can expect these games to turn up on your library tomorrow, 18th September.

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