Indie Title Ghost Theory Joins Crytek’s Million-Dollar Funded Program

Previously Ghost Theory, an indie title, was being developed as a Unity3D title, however that has all changed. It has been that they are transferring the development of Ghost Theory from Unity3D to Crytek’s CryEngine, and they will now be on their Indie fund.

In Ghost Theory the player will be put into a first-person sandbox-style misson which is “inspired by one of the most haunted grounds on Earth”. What this means is that you will embark upon real ghost hunting missions in real haunted locations. “Have you ever heard of plague doctors from Poveglia Island, lost souls of the Suicide forest or Pontefract’s poltergeist? In this game you’ll face them all.”

ghost theory

Crytek itself is heavily involved with VR development. The studio has already released on project in The Climb for the Oculus Rift. It’s a first-person rock-climbing game in which players scale virtual walls. It will soon be supporting the Oculus Touch position-tracked controls. The studio is also working on its first videogame for the PlayStation VR HMD in Robinson: The Journey. This is a narrative-driven first-person adventure in which you play as a young boy named Robin that finds himself stranded on a planet infested with dinosaurs.

Crytek has a lot of work going on in VR, then. VRFocus will be sure to follow the developer going forward, reporting back with any more updates on its performance and actions within the industry.

However, how the funds works is for each “like” lends towards more funding. The developers of Ghost Theory went on to say: “Ghost Theory’s next step is to acquire as many likes as possible from our fans so that we truly stand out before Crytek closes the voting.”

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