HoloLens Brings Mixed Reality Pool into the Living Room

Microsoft’s mixed reality (MR) head-mounted display (HMD) HoloLens might not be the easiest device to get hold of as it’s currently aimed at businesses and developers with a price tag of $3000 USD, but that hasn’t stopped it showcasing what the device is capable of. While it maybe a while before regular consumers get to use the HMD in their own homes a newly released video teases a pool playing app.

Being shown in someone’s living room the video begins with a mixture of different windows displaying the PlayStation Store, the recent Apple conference and other items including several animals. The user then selects Holo Pool Hall from a selection of titles which then appears as a floating table about waist height.

Its a very basic design with just the table displayed, no sides or legs have been rendered. At the end of the table simple details on how to play are shown, aiming the cue is controlled by walking around the cue ball, and to take the shot the player shouts ‘shoot’. The method doesn’t allow for any tactile control of the shots, just saying shoot only seems to offer the same power of shot every time, and there’s certainly no sidespin or backspin options.

Holo Pool Hall certainly isn’t up to the same standard as other pool titles such as Hustle Kings VR on PlayStation VR or Pool Nation VR on HTC Vive but it does show the early beginnings of holographic pool.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Microsoft’s HoloLens, reporting back with the latest updates.