HEX: Heavy Encounter EXOsuit Arrives on Gear VR

The Samsung Gear VR has had a bumper week of virtual reality (VR) releases one of them being HEX: Heavy Encounter EXOsuit.

HEX: Heavy Encounter EXOsuit comes from developer Robot Invader the studio behind murder mystery videogame Dead Secret. This new title takes a different tact from the latter videogame as it’s an action first-person shooter (FPS).


There’s a simple story behind HEX: Heavy Encounter EXOsuit where your character has crash landed on a mysterious planet which is filled with hordes of dangerous robotic enemies that are there to kill you.

Luckily you have a fully armoured Heavy Encounter EXOsuit which comes equipped with plasma guns and a tractor beam. While the guns are used for blasting away at anything that comes close the tractor beam has a variety of uses. Not only is it used for bringing useful items dropped by enemies in close to collect but also HEX: Heavy Encounter EXOsuit features puzzles which need to be solved to progress, and this is where the tractor beam comes in handy.

Through the levels players will need to find and collect parts of their ship with the end goal being escape from this dangerous planet. Adding to the difficulty are bosses that inhabit each area, these are giant mechs named after various animals which include Monkey, Ox, Rooster and Rabbit.

HEX: Heavy Encounter EXOsuit can be downloaded now on Gear VR for $2.99 USD. For all the latest releases on Gear VR, keep reading VRFocus.