Half a Million Dollars Invested Into 360 Journalism By Google News Lab and Knight Foundation

The Online News Association will benefit from 360 content and learning resources.

Virtual reality (VR) can help out newsrooms to engage in storytelling in a whole new way, and the Online News Association (ONA) will be joining with Google News Lab and the  John S. and James L. Knight Foundation to advance in this area.

Overall there will be $500,000 (USD) invested by Knight and Google News Lab into the art of 360 degree video storytelling in a project aptly named Journalism 360. What this will bring is: in-depth content, where there will be case studies and analysis for newsrooms to benefit from; online and in-person workshops, events, and training courses to increase knowledge and understanding in the journalistic community.


“We’ve heard from journalists around the globe that there is a huge need for this type of knowledge sharing. We’re thrilled to partner with Knight, Online News Association and so many wonderful industry pioneers to bring journalists together to share ideas and experiences in this new field of immersive storytelling,” said Erica Anderson, partnerships manager, Google News Lab.

ONA Executive Director Jane McDonnell announced the Journalism 360 project at the organization’s annual conference in Denver. “The ONA community prides itself on being early adopters and experimenters, so we are delighted to work with our long-time partners to offer valuable help around this technology, which has already shown incredible potential for deeper journalism,” McDonnell said.

Jennifer Preston, vice president for journalism at Knight Foundation, said the project will address many of the challenges and opportunities identified in a Knight report on virtual reality and journalism that was released at the annual SXSW conference earlier this year.

“By supporting a network of journalists committed to experimenting in immersive storytelling and sharing what they have learned, we can determine how best to support the use of these emerging technology platforms for journalism,” Preston said.

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