Grab Your Bow and Defend the Town in Elven Assassin

Shooting stuff in virtual reality (VR) is always good fun, whether its with guns, magic or bow and arrows. Launched on Steam Early Access this weekend is Elven Assassin, a shooting defence videogame that goes for the latter weaponry.

Developed by Wenkly Studio, Elven Assassin pits players against hordes of incoming orcs as they try to attack your town. The title features both single-player and multiplayer modes. Playing solo its all about highscores to achieve a global ranking by not only killing thousands of orcs but also in style, getting headshots or extreme distance kills.

Elven Assassin image 1

But to truly progress through as many waves as possible it’s time to team up in some multiplayer action, with friends or other players from around the world. There is voice chat available to enable players to interact with each other and plan the best strategy for the match.

As an early access title Elven Assassin will be further developed by Wenkly Studio, with the team saying: “We are very excited about the game and have plenty of new ideas but before implementing them we want to discus them with community and hear theirs ideas. Then together we can choose the features that most players will love to see in the game. We will also strive to make co-op mode as good as possible and adjust the game difficulty in the single player mode.”

Elven Assassin is currently available for a limited time discount until 17th September 2016. Players can get 30 percent off the standard price, dropping the cost down from £5.59 GBP to £3.91. The studio does state the standard price is likely to increase as development continues, both over the course of early access and when fully released.

This is Wenkly Studios second HTC Vive title with the first being VR Boxing Workout. For all the latest VR releases on Steam, keep reading VRFocus.