GPM Creates Monster Launcher As An Open Platform For VR Developers To Use

GPM, the Korean game development company, has developed VR Game publishing Platform for public VR games. This is called the Monster Launcher, which anyone can play and access easily.

What this Monster Launcher can provide is a SDK for VR game developers where they can log on and upload their titles onto. It gives a Monster Launcher Service, and is optimised for multiplayer usage. What the best thing is for developers is that when they upload their title, there is a revenue sharing and billing module SDK incorporated, and even user feedback – so think of it as an even more open SteamVR set up.

monster launcher gpm

As well as this platform, there is also an Optimised VR Cube that gamers can come and try out to play with the HTC Vive. In the video below The Brookhaven Experiment was also shown as a girl was screaming and shooting on its 150 inch VR video display.

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