Google Tilt Brush Upgraded to v7, Adds Tiltasaurus Word Guessing Game

With Google’s Tilt Brush painting app currently available with every purchase of the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) its built up a strong Steam community. Over the last few months the Tilt Brush team has been listening to all the feedback and suggestions users have given resulting in the rollout of version 7, adding a selection of the most requested features.

These new additions include quick and easy rotate and resizing by holding down the grip buttons on both controllers; importing 3D models directly into Tilt Brush sketches; a high resolution snapshot mode outputting at 6x the default resolution and Tiltasaurus a word guessing game.


A local multiplayer that allows players to play with friends using one HTC Vive, Tiltasaurus shows a word to paint, while the player using the headset draws everyone else guesses, the winner then gets the HMD.
The full list of features and improvements can be seen below. For all the latest updates for Tilt Brush, keep reading VRFocus.
Tilt Brush v7 Changelog:


Rotate and Resize

Hold both grip buttons at the same time to move, turn, or resize yourself.

While resizing, click the trackpad to reset yourself to original size.

Any changes to size or rotation are saved with sketches.

Media Library

Added ability for users to import an .obj model into their sketch.

Moved reference images and models to “Media Library” panel accessed through the “More…” menu on the Tools panel.

Models are pulled from the Documents/Tilt Brush/Media Library/Models folder, images are pulled from the Documents/Tilt Brush/Media Library/Images folder.

See the Tilt Brush\Media Library\MediaLibraryReadme.txt for details on how to use Media Library.


Added new game to the Labs panel.

See the Help Center for instructions how to play.

Adding Tiltasaurus.json to the Documents/Tilt Brush folder will let you add your own list of words.

Controller Swapping

Point the controllers away from each other and tap the bottoms to swap the palette and paint brush.

High resolution snapshot mode

Added flag “HighResolutionSnapshots” to the Tilt Brush.cfg.  How to use the Tilt Brush config file.

Setting the flag to true sets the MultiCam to take snapshots at 6x the default resolution (11,880 x 6,588px).

Exporting to Sketchfab

Many important material properties are now preserved when exporting .fbx files and then uploading to Sketchfab.  Posting to Sketchfab.

Misc. improvements

More aggressive video camera stabilization.

Fire brush bloom effect fixed on “Future Desktop” settings.

Cleaned up the progress bar images, added info text during loading.

Added new tips to the Tips ‘N Tricks cube.

Changed video file extension to .mp4.

Exports binary FBX by default, configurable in Tilt Brush.cfg. How to use the Tilt Brush config file.

Pressing the pad no longer activates teleport with Teleport Tool. Trigger only.

Teleport Tool boundaries are extended when the sketch has been resized.

Changed selection icon for Sketchbook to trash can.

References to models are saved with sketches, but the file data is not embedded within the .tilt file. If a sketch is loaded without the referenced model in the Media Library, a missing model icon will be displayed.

Added ‘About’ button to Settings for viewing really exciting third party notices.