Ubisoft & D-BOX Technologies Unleash Amusement Centre Version Of Rabbids VR Ride

The Rabbids VR Ride, yes those crazy white rabbits from the Rayman series, will be making its way over to an amusement center just for the game franchise itself, and there will also be a D-BOX motion chair to give the full experience.

There’s nothing but madness that can be expected from this experience as you enter the world of the Raving Rabbids and follow them around in a hyper-realistic world. The Rabbids VR Ride has already made its rounds to the crowds and VRFocus has written up about what the experience has to offer last year during Gamescom. We were impressed by the amount of tech there is to immerse the user, the effects it has as a ride, and the quality of the graphics.

rabbids vr ride

Judging by the rest of the amusement center, it seems to be aimed at the younger ages. As well as the VR attraction, the Rabbids Amusement Center will also feature: a Submarine activity zone; a Water Treatment Plant that has pall pools, annons, and a climbing wall; a Laboratory where you can try out Pixel Art and giant building blocks; a farm for toddlers; three birthday party rooms that are themed; a dining area; and a souvenir shop.

To go and check out the Rabbids Amusement Center that opened up last month, head over to the Mega Centre des Sources in Pointe-Claire in Quebec.

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