Gameplay Footage of Early Access Zombie Shooter VR zGame Using Oculus Touch Revealed

Sometimes it can be rather hard to commit to a Steam Early Access title as you don’t know whether or not the title will turn out to be something of real substance. With VR zGame, however, the developer has released a lengthy video showing off the mechanics of the title – and it is all on the Oculus Touch.

This previously only HTC Vive game, developed by StormBringer Studios, was posted earlier this summer, and it was clear that it would be in continuous development as there would be an episode released every couple or several months. Now it has been shown that VR zGame is being developed for the Oculus Touch – and successfully so.

VR zGame screenshot 2

Below is the video showing off how accurate the shooting is in a shooting range, and how smooth it is picking up and loading the different guns. After this, we are then taken through the level where tasks to advance are taken out, and it all ends on escaping the zombies that hobble towards you.

Although this version for the Oculus Touch hasn’t been released, you can still get the HTC Vive one on Steam for £5.99 (GBP).

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