Full Body Motion Sensor PrioVR Development Kit Shipment Announced

Surely this is it when it comes to being fully immersed in a virtual reality (VR) videogame, when your arm flailing and leg reactions all count towards you defeating your enemies. This is exactly what Yost Labs’ PrioVR full body motion sensors do, and it has now been announced that the development kit is now being shipped.

PrioVR is a patented technology that uses 19 inertial motion sensors that are actually embedded all over the suit so that each and every one of your moves can be translated into the videogame or application you’re using, offering a room-scale method of literally jumping into your game.


As described by Yost Lab itself, the development kit for the PrioVR “smashes price barriers” at $1,200 (USD) which includes two hand-controllers with action buttons, triggers, and joysticks.

“The PrioVR Dev Kit is a technology platform that allows for complete tracking of a person’s body, with minimal lag—a major step forward in blurring the line between the real world and virtual reality. It’s a more natural, immersive experience than has been possible with previous technologies,” said Yost Labs Founder and CTO Paul Yost.

“This is an exciting time in the evolution of human-computer interaction. We are moving beyond keyboards and mice and glowing rectangles. Head-mounted displays such as the Oculus and the Vive have opened everyone’s eyes to the great promise of VR. Room-scale immersive VR is another big step toward true social telepresence. With our launch of the PrioVR Dev Kit, Yost Labs has established itself as a technology leader in this revolution.” said CEO Greg Merril.

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