FOX Sports Brings College American Football to Mobile VR This Saturday

We’re not quite at the point socially where we can pop on a pair of HoloLens glasses and check all the in-depth stats while watching a game of American Football, however FOX Sports is capitalising on the more viable option right now that immerses viewers in virtual reality (VR). The sport broadcaster will be letting fans watch the Sooners and Buckeyes game this Saturday from its VR app through their Gear VR or Cardboard head-mounted displays (HMD), or just as 360 video.

Powered by LiveLike’s VR capabilities, fans who choose to tune into the match this way will either be able to watch from a Virtual Suite, or they can get in on the action down on the field. Another option is to have a video broadcast on the side of Fox Sports’ coverage whilst you watch the game. All you have to do to get in on this is by downloading the FOX SPORTS VR app, signing in with your television provider info, and slip your phone into your Cardboard or Gear VR HMD.

fox sports livelike

“FOX Sports’ commitment to innovation makes them the perfect company for us to work with as we roll out a VR experience that allows today’s sports fan to lean-in and watch sports in an entirely new way,” said Andre Lorenceau, founder and CEO, LiveLike. “The Oklahoma vs Ohio State game represents the beginning of our relationship with FOX Sports, and we look forward to working with them to make the FOX SPORTS VR app an important destination in the sports viewing experience.”

The Sooners and Buckeyes game will be taking place this Saturday 17th September at 7:30 ET.

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