Fly to Kuma Maker Brings Player Customisation to the VR Puzzler

COLOPL Inc. recently released Fly to Kuma Maker for the HTC Vive. Having debuted on Oculus Rift at launch, Fly to Kuma was a warmly received puzzle videogame designed specifically for virtual reality (VR), but what makes Fly to Kuma Maker different to its predecessor? VRFocus contacted COLOPL Inc. to find out.

Fly to Kuma Maker screenshot

Fly to Kuma Maker is essentially a sequel of sorts, featuring an additional 60 levels not included with Fly to Kuma on Oculus Rift as well as new abilities, such as that of interacting with the pink teddy bears known as ‘kuma’.

Fly to Kuma Maker is a new title based on Fly to Kuma for the Oculus Rift,” states a representative of COLOPL. “Building on the original concept of directing the kuma along the path to their goal, they have now added the ability to grasp objects using the HTC Vive’s wireless controllers. Along with that, they have added new contraptions and interactive elements, such as levers and blocks that can be tapped and destroyed.”

However, the biggest new addition of all relates to that ‘maker’ affix. Fly to Kuma Maker features the all new Maker Mode, which allows players to build their own stages. These creations can then be shared between players online, potentially offering an unlimited amount of challenges to players on HTC Vive.

Fly to Kuma Maker screenshot

“The possibilities for stage variability is as limitless as the players’ imaginations. Players can then publish their maps and attempt other player made maps.”

COLOPL is becoming a fairly prolific VR developer, with both Fly to Kuma and VR Tennis Online available for Oculus Rift and confirmed for PlayStation VR. Now, with Fly to Kuma Maker on HTC Vive, each of the three major high-end head-mounted displays are represented. Additionally, COLOPL’s western arm, COLOPL NI, has also developed Cyberpong VR for HTC Vive.

“COLOPL hopes to develop and distribute new, as yet untried contents that will be moving for a large number of people. They wish to make people’s everyday lives more fun and spectacular using the field of VR.”

Fly to Kuma Maker screenshot

Fly to Kuma Maker is now available for HTC Vive via Steam. Fly to Kuma and VR Tennis Online are both available for the Oculus Rift and coming soon to PlayStation VR. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest VR releases from COLOPL Inc. and COLOPL NI.