Fly to Kuma Maker: Achievements, Cheats, Tips & Tricks

COLOPL Inc., first launched puzzle title Fly to Kuma on Oculus Rift back in March, then earlier this week the studio added support for HTC Vive. The release now allows players to create their own stages and adds 21 Steam Achievements which VRFocus has the full run down of below.  

Fly to Kuma is a puzzle experience inspired by Lemmings, players must guide pink teddy bears through a maze of deadly traps and into a space ship. The videogame is currently available for a limited time discount until 19th September. There’s a 34 percent discount available, dropping the price down from £10.99 GBP to £7.25.

Fly to Kuma screenshot

Full Achievement List:


First Challenge

Clear the challenge mode tutorial


Ghost Catcher

Catch a ghost


First Creation

Clear the maker mode tutorial


Kuma Comrade

Pat a Kuma on the head


Puzzle Master (Beginner)

Acquire 30 stars in challenge mode


Kuma Hunter

Kill 100 Kuma


Block Basher

Destroy 100 blocks


Planet Collector

Acquire all planets


Puzzle Master (Intermediate)

Acquire 90 stars in challenge mode


Stage Player (Beginner)

Play 3 player made stages


Contraption Collector

Acquire all contraption


Stage Maker (Beginner)

Create 3 stages


Complete Clear

Clear all stages in play mode


Puzzle Master (Advanced)

Acquire 180 stars in challenge mode


Stage Player (Intermediate)

Play 10 player made stages


Planet Master

Create a stage on each planet


Stage Maker (Advanced)

Create 30 stages


Stage Maker (Intermediate)

Create 10 stages


Contraption Captain

Use all contraption


Block Master

Use all block varieties


Stage Player (Advanced)

Play 30 player made stages