Fly to Kuma Flying to PlayStation VR, HTC Vive

COLOPL Inc.’s second PlayStation VR title, along with VR Tennis Online, was confirmed this morning at Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan’s (SIEJ) Toky Games Show (TGS) press conference. Fly to Kuma is a puzzle experience inspired by Lemmings in which the player must guide pink teddy bears through a maze of deadly traps and into a space ship.

Fly to Kuma screenshot

The videogame debuted on Oculus Rift back in March 2016, and has since benefited from a release on the HTC Vive via Steam today. This latter edition also includes a level design package which allows players to create new challenges and share them online. Furthermore, players can now communicate directly with the bears, patting them on the head or picking them up.

It’s not yet been confirmed which edition of Fly to Kuma will be available for PlayStation VR, though even the original release has received significant praise. In VRFocusreview of Fly to Kuma, the videogame was considered ‘a welcome addition to VR’, but fell short of being an essential purchase.

Fly to Kuma is currently expected to launch alongside the PlayStation VR in Japan, and while no release date for western territories has been announced it’s unlikely that there’ll be any delay. VRFocus will of course keep you updated with all the latest virtual reality (VR) titles from COLOPL Inc.