Experience Mumbai’s Biggest Religious Festival To Be Broadcast Live On The Gear VR

Chapter 3, an Indian “experience management company”, has partnered up with two other startups from the same country, AlterNet and VR Creatives, and a leading publishing house in Mumbai, Superlekha, to bring 360 coverage of one of the most anticipated events to happen in their respective country, Lalbaugcha Raja, tomorrow.

For those who aren’t well versed in traditional Indian culture and religion, Lalbaugcha Raja is Mumbai’s most famous Ganpati (Ganesha, the most worshipped deity in Hindu who is depicted with an elephant head) darshan (Hindu philosophy). It is essentially a religious festival where devotees take to the streets to take in the massive statue of the deity.

indian festival in VR

This will all be available four hours a day for a week and a half while celebrations go on, all using the Samsung Gear VR, or by using 360 on your mobile and PC.

Ashish Bhushan, CEO of Chapter 3 said, “This platform provides an immersive experience not only for devotees from around the world but is also a great way for brands to engage their consumers via an innovative format.”

Yeshwant Datay, CEO of Superlekha said, “Last year, we released a coffee table book on Lalbaugcha Raja and received fantastic response from around the world. We will now do our best to make the virtual reality platform a success.”

Anirban Gupta, CEO of AlterNet said, “Technology is the common denominator that unites a diverse nation such as ours as well as with the rest of the globe. Our Virtual Reality platform promises to provide a truly immersive experience to every devotee who is digitally connected today.”

The 360 degree coverage will start on 5th September and will finish on 16th September. The app is downloadable for the Gear VR or for mobile and PC 360, as previously mentioned.

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