Epic Games Partner with NVIDIA for VR Funhouse Game Jam

Virtual reality (VR) game jams have been incredibly popular and useful for building VR communities and sharing development knowledge. VRFocus had its first game jam – Virtual Reality Challenge (VRC) – last weekend and today Epic Games has announced another in partnership with NVIDIA, Valve and HTC called VR Funhouse Game Jam.

Based on NVIDIA’s recently released free carnival game for the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) – VR Funhouse – the game jam will be taking place in Hamburg, Germany on the MS Bleichen ship from 24th – 26th September 2016.

Nvidia VR Funhouse Game Jam

The companies have pre-selected teams from across Europe to participate. For the game jam they’ll be using the VR Funhouse Mod Kit to build a new minigame experience within the first two days. On the third day their creations will then be put on public display, where consumers who’ve registered to attend will be able to board MS Bleichen and demo the projects. After which Epic Games, Valve and NVIDIA will raffle off prizes for attendees to win.

If you’re interested in attending the consumer day on Monday 26th September, then head to vrfunhousegamejam.eventbrite.com to register.

VR Funhouse is the first VR videogame from NVIDIA, a company synonymous with manufacturing computer hardware – especially graphic cards. Originally designed to showcase NVIDIA’s graphics technology, such as NVIDIA FleX, NVIDIA Flow, NVIDIA HairWorks, NVIDIA PhysX Destruction and NVIDIA VRWorks’ Multi-Res Shading, VR Funhouse was released for free on HTC Vive back in July.

Featuring seven mini-games set inside a carnival, these included Mole Boxing, Whack-A-Mole, Balloon Knight, a shooting range and a skeet cannon. It was only a few days ago that NVIDIA announced the launch of the VR Funhouse Mod Kit in conjunction with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of NVIDIA and the VR Funhouse Game Jam, reporting back with any further announcements.