Elemental Technologies Showcases VR Encoding Solution for Red Hot Chili Peppers Live

Elemental Technologies, a specialist in software video solutions has revealed it provided to encoding solution for a live-streamed 360-degree concert performed by the Red Hot Chili Peppers in Berlin, Germany recently.

Performing at the Kraftwerk Berlin as part of Deutsche Telekom’s Street Gigs concert series to coincide with IFA last week, the concert was captured by four professional Nokia OZO 360-degree cameras to give an unprecedented view of the band and the event for viewers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


The cameras use eight 2K x 2K video sensors to produce a full spherical output, then  using the Elemental Live 4K encoder produced the live HD stream for delivery to YouTube. Viewers were able to experience the 360-degree stream across various platforms including Samsung Gear VR, or iOS and Android smartphone using Google Cardboard and the YouTube app. The Nokia OZO cameras were located on stage with the band, in the first row, and above the audience to provide panoramic views of the show.

“The staging and the VR capture were set, but the producers were concerned that their existing solution could not encode the output to get a solid, reliable stream at a reasonable bit budget,” said Keith Wymbs, Chief Marketing Officer for Elemental. “We have proven VR encoding solutions, running in software on standard appliances, and with just a week to go to the event we were called in.

“We shipped in equipment, proved we could deliver what we promised, and were ready to go for the gig,” Wymbs added. “Providing acceptable encoding of VR content is demanding, because of the need to provide an absolutely consistent, perfectly synchronized image wherever you turn your head, but we have proven technology ready to go.”

The Red Hot Chili Peppers show was the first time a concert has been broadcast live in 360-degrees in Germany.

Concerts being live-streamed or record in 360-degrees are going to become more prevalent as consumer demand grows. Companies such as NextVR and Jaunt have already announced partnerships with Live Nation and REVOLT TV respectively to provide content, and VRFocus will bring you the latest details as they’re announced.