Create Movies Starring George Takai Using Actiongram on HoloLens

Prior to Microsoft launching its mixed reality (MR) head-mounted display (HMD), HoloLens in March the company revealed one of the apps in development, Actiongram. A holographic movie maker, Actiongram allows users to create their own videos with people interacting with holograms, and today the company has released its latest beta footage featuring none other than Star Trek’s George Takai.

The video begins by detailing what Actiongram can do before going onto the holographic capture session with Takai. The famous actor then records several short performances; introducing HoloLens, his iconic ‘Oh myyy’ catchphrase, laughing, running around with oversized toy scissors and more in a fully green screened room.

Afterwards he then gets to see his holographic performances in action, with mini versions of himself popping up in a purpose built living room.

Of the experience Takai comments: “We talked about holograms on Star Trek, and to actually be doing that in reality today, it was a lot of fun. Technology and being part of it at the cutting edge is a thrill that very few humans get.”

Afterwards Takai’s hologram is then integrated into various situations so that users can have their own mini version of the actor. Actongram beta is available now for developers who’ve bought HoloLens, and George Takai along with other characters such as Grumpy Cat are featured.

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