Climax Studios Announces Third VR Title Gun Sight for Gear VR

If you own a Samsung Gear VR mobile head-mounted display (HMD) then you’ll have likely heard of Climax Studios. The developer is behind two of the platforms earliest videogames, Bandit Six and Bandit Six: Salvo. Today the studio has announced its third virtual reality (VR) title for Gear VR, Gun Sight.

Gun Sight is a side-scrolling shooter built specifically for VR. Players take on the role of Colonel Jack ‘Knife’ Devers, last of the infamous War Dogs, waging a one-man crusade to save the solar system from hordes of relentless robots.

Gunsight Screenshot 1

Mixing cel-shaded artwork with 360-degree environments, Gun Sight features 13 single-player campaign missions set across 5 worlds. There are four modes to play through: campaign, survival, extraction and hardcore, with four weapons to choose from that all use gaze based targeting. Climax Studios has also gone for an 80s inspired soundtrack for the videogame.

‘With our third title for the Gear VR platform, we have taken all our previous VR learnings and created one of the stand out games for the emerging platform.”  says Climax CEO, Simon Gardner.

“We have paid homage to some of our favourite arcade titles like Metal Slug and Contra, but managed to deliver a unique experience only possible in VR,” added Ian Hudson, Lead Designer on Gun Sight.

Gun Sight will be exclusively available for Samsung Gear VR, at present Climax Studios hasn’t revealed when the title will be available or what it’ll be priced at.

As VRFocus learns more about Gun Sight, we’ll report back with any new updates.