Cinkciarz Reveal AR Currency App for HoloLens

Cinkciarz has announced the development of a currency app for Microsoft Hololens. The Cinkciarz currency app will enable the projection of a holographic workspace allowing Hololens to access current foreign exchange rates at any given time.

Cinkciarz Logo

Microsoft’s Hololens is an innovative head-mounted display (HMD) which shortens the distance between technologies of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), by offering a unique holographic display. Cinkciarz, Polish online currency exchange company, is aiming to utilise the HMD in aid of the financial technology (fintech) market.

Cinkciarz, a repeat winner of the global Bloomberg Rankings, has already developed AR applications for devices such as Google Glass, and claims that this experience has enabled the development of an efficient solution for currency exchange.

Few other details are currently available for Cinkciarz’s currency app, including the official name or expected release date, but VRFocus will endeavour to keep you updated with all the latest developments in VR and AR related to fintech.