Choose Whether to Fight in Close Combat or Scout From Afar in RIGS: Mechanized Combat With Robot Classes Revealed

You may have heard it many times, but there’s no hiding the fact that the excitement for PlayStation VR to come out mid-October is building as the last month is falling away, but there is so much more news to be shared from now until then. PlayStation revealed today that you can be one of four classes in RIGS: Mechanized Combat, and they all differ from each other – even down to how you celebrate a battle.

The four classes of robot you can choose to be are: Sentinel, Mirage, Tempest, and Hunter. Each of these classes hold different robotic specifications as well as defining gameplay tactics.In the video below you will see each individual robot and what their special ability is according to each class.

sentinel rigs mech

The Sentinel is the most devastating when it comes to Max Melee damage at 4,000, where the rest are all at 3,600, and it is also the tallest at 6 metres. The way it jumps is with a Slam, where players will have to charge of a damage causing landing to disorientate opponents. “The Sentinel is a heavyweight beast, best deployed to defend Goals and Endzones, but can also operate as the vanguard in a full team press against the opposition.”

mirage rigs mech

The Mirage is described as a great all-rounder, but instead of a zooped up jump, it is equipped with a double jump. “This allows the Mirage to move quickly and precisely through an arenas vertical layers, giving it a massive advantage in navigating to key locations such as the Power Slam goal or to dominant positions to take on advancing opponents. Just be careful in taking on stronger classes head on.”

temptest rigs mech

The Tempest is not the fastest moving forward by any stretch, but it doesn’t need speed when you can zoom up vertically and stay there in order to look out for other opponents from afar, so this will suit the more tactile player.


Lastly, the Hunter is built just like you’d expect a hunter to be like. Its jump is basic, but its top speed makes up for this as you can get higher if you jump from ramps. “Speed is not the Hunter’s only a strong point, due to his relatively small size he can use smaller gaps in the arena to his advantage making it easier for you to outmanoeuvre opponents or get to objectives much quicker.”

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