Cherry Pop Games’ Pool Nation VR To Release On PlayStation VR In October

There has been some pretty great reception for Pool Nation VR, developed by Cherry Pop Games, as an HTC Vive title, but now it has been announced that the mini-game physics-based title is coming to PlayStation VR.

Pool Nation VR for PlayStation VR will include all the same features as the PC version with the HTC Vive, such as pool, darts, air hockey, skreeball, shuffleboard, checkers, and chess. As well as all of this, Cherry Pop Games has made sure that this is going to be one of the more social titles for the PlayStation VR as it will be supporting multiplayer hangouts of up to eight people.


“Playing pool in VR feels just like breaking balls in real life, you get to look around the table, line-up your shot with just the right angle as you would in your local pool hall,” said Richard Kidd, CEO from Perilous Orbit. “Our two development teams together deliver years of experience with video game physics necessary for a great pool game and proven talent in the virtual reality space. Together we are creating the most immersive pool experience with consistent updates and features to keep the game fresh.”

Pool Nation VR will be coming to PlayStation VR in October, but it isn’t clear whether or not it will be a launch title as no date has been given. The title is currently also available for the HTC Vive, and is available at a discounted price of £11.24 (GBP) right now, but this offer will end tomorrow where the price will go back with £14.99.

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