CCP Games on EVE: Valkyrie PlayStation VR Launch & VR Cross-Play

CCP Games’ EVE: Valkyrie has been the poster child for virtual reality (VR) for quite some time, launching alongside the Oculus Rift earlier this year and coming to PlayStation VR at launch. The team behind the videogame aren’t about to start treating the next wave of VR adopters as second class citizens however, having already confirmed that EVE: Valkyrie will launch on PlayStation 4 with all the same content as the PC edition. VRFocus recently sat down with CCP Games to find out exactly what this means.

A space combat experience, EVE: Valkyrie has players engage in team-based dogfighting matches. When the PlayStation VR version arrives it will support cross-play against Oculus Rift players and eventually HTC Vive, too. Furthermore, in the interview below CCP Games confirm to VRFocus that all future content will be delivered for free to all platforms, regardless of release date.

While much of this will come as no surprise, there’s more to be gained by talking with CCP Games. A line of questioning about potential motion-controller input – including the forthcoming Oculus Touch – hints that there’s some work going on behind the scenes. The full interview can be watched below and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on EVE: Valkyrie.