Capcom Details L’Arc-en-Ciel’s 360 Degree Resident Evil Music Video For PlayStation VR

Whenever shots of Resident Evil 7 biohazard is shown, there is a great chance that everyone’s attention is instantly stolen, and even more so when J-rock superstars L’Arc-en-Ciel take to the stage, so during the PlayStation Press Conference in Japan today they combined the two in a music video mash-up for their song Don’t be Afraid – all in virtual reality (VR).

For the creation of this the main question is how the two were joined together, and that was all brought together by the setting of the music video: L’Arc-coon-City. This of course plays on the setting of Resident Evil where the breakout of the t-Virus happened and started off the zombie series, as well as the band’s name.


The way in which the music video was made for VR was transparently shown off during the presentation, with each of the band members – Hyde, Tetsuya, Ken, and Yukihiro – all sitting in front of a multi-cam set up where they all pull different facial expressions while getting scanned in 3D. This means that this won’t be a 360 video, but instead a digitally developed recreation of the band mixed in with the classic setting. The overall finish to how each of them look like in the music video is uncanny, with incredible amounts of detail given to their faces.

This is all in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Resident Evil, also known as Biohazard in Japan, and of course the band isn’t just going to be featuring in the famous town as they will also be fighting the zombies, which can be assumed from the weapons they’re wielding.

The music video will be coming out on launch day for the PlayStation VR, so you can enjoy the scenes of Resident Evil before you get a chance to try out the VR title in full on 24th January 2017.

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