Butterfly Effect Title Reflections Showcases at TGS to the Public

You may recall Reflections as the winning title of the Global VR Challenge that took place earlier this year, where Broken Window Studios developed the rather deep and moral-heavy title. Now, if you are attending the Tokya Game Show (TGS), then you will be able to have a go on this award-winning adventure.

Appearing in the Indie Booth hosted by Sony, you can find Reflections on the Oculus Rift open for all attendees to try out for the full four days TGS is on for.


Reflections is currently still in the gaming equivalent of limbo as it is still a Steam Early Access title, but quite clearly from the demoing of the title at TGS it is far from unplayable. Currently there are two acts in the life story that you choose to play, resulting in multiple variations. As you progress through the videogame, there will be the addition of colour to your black and white world as your life becomes more full.

The full version of Reflections, however, will introduce new story branches with three to four additional full story arcs and outcomes, as well as new character relationships.

It has been said that the title will only remain in Early Access for a few months, and judging by its release in June it is soon due to graduate to a fully rounded videogame.

If you can’t make it all the way to Tokyo, then it is on sale currently on Steam for £6.99 (GBP) for the Oculus Rift.

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