Bloxiq VR: Achievements, Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Developed by Blot Interactive and published by Red Meat Games, Bloxiq VR is a puzzle title in which players manipulate coloured blocks to match and clear. Launched this week for the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD), Bloxiq VR includes 24 Steam Achievements which VRFocus has fully listed below. Bloxiq VR features 100 levels to work through, requires a minimum play area of 2m x 1.5m and only supports Room Scale gameplay. Players can pick up Bloxiq VR for £10.99 GBP through Steam.

Bloxiq VR screenshot 2

Full Achievement List:   Baby Steps Make you first move!   Tesseract Pop in and out of the two layers of the cube 10+ times.   Pieces of the Puzzle Pop in and out of the two layers of the cube 100+ times.   The Beginning Complete the tutorial world.   Desist and Defuse Complete a level with the number of bombs and moves remaining being 0.   Colourful Create a multimatch with 3+ different colours of cubes.   Succession Complete World 2.   Broken Locks Complete World 3.   Hole-in-one Complete a level in exactly one move.   Arithmetic Complete World 6.   Multiplex Complete World 5.   Frustration Complete World 6 Level 8.   The Beginning of the End Complete World 7 Level 1.   Explosive Complete World 4.   Plentiful Make 2,000 moves.   Octuple Matcher Match 8 cubes of the same colour in one move.   Close Call (Time <10) Completing a level with at most 10 seconds remaining.   Close Call (Move) Completing a level with the exact number of moves needed to complete it.   Nonuple Matching God Match 9 cubes of the same colour in one move and ascend to the matching pantheon.   Time Sink Awarded to those who have played at least 10 hours.   Perfectionist 2 Complete World 7 Level 10 in less than 999 moves.   Victorious Beat the game.   Perfectionist Complete World 7 Level 1 in less than 100 moves.   Cube King Achieve all other achievements.