Another Retailers Lists Oculus Touch Pre-Order Date & Price

Following the listing of Oculus Touch on major retailer Media Markt earlier this month, another European outlet has launched their pre-order campaign. The most interesting thing about this? The price and date reflect that of Media Markt exactly.


The Oculus Touch motion-control device for Oculus Rift is set to launch later this year, though Oculus VR has yet to announce an official release date and price. That information is set to be revealed at Oculus Connect 3, San Jose, next month. Even when approached by VRFocus for comment on the previous potential leak Oculus VR withheld comment. Now, with a second retailer joining in, the evidence is mounting.

Saturn is another retail outlet with numerous stores in Germany (as well as other European territories). However, it should be noted that Saturn falls under the same umbrella as Media Markt: the parent company of both retail outlets is Media-Saturn Holding, owned by the German retail trade company METRO. That may make you question the legitimacy of this release date and price – indeed, as stated above, there is no official confirmation as of yet – however it appears strange that Media Markt removed their listing prior to Saturn posting theirs.

Either way, Oculus Connect 3 is mere weeks away, and as such official confirmation is looming. VRFocus will be at Oculus Connect 3 and will keep you updated with all the latest details on Oculus Touch and other reveals at the event.