Add Telemetry Overlays to 360fly Videos Thanks to RaceRender

360fly Inc., the company behind single lens 360-degree video camera 360fly and 360fly 4K, has announced a new partnership with software firm RaceRender. The RaceRender platform specialises in the overlay of custom video data displays, thus allowing 360fly 4K users to a telemetry overlay to their content.

Some action cameras require pairing to a secondary data-gathering device which requires additional editing time to sync the video and data in post production. With the 360fly 4K camera it captures the video and data all at one time using its built-in autonomous GPS, gyroscope and accelerometer chips, as well as its e-compass feature. Users can then upload video to RaceRender adding graphic overlays for data, such as track maps, lap timers, speed, best lap times and more.

Drone RaceRender

RaceRenders platform can have a variety of use cases including racing, snowboarding/skiing, mountain biking or flying a drone. When recording footage enable the camera’s GPS within the mobile app so the camera will capture latitude and longitude, altitude and speed. Users will then need to download the program at RaceRender.com then upload their content to add the data. Once the video has been edited it can be shared directly through RaceRender to social channels, such as Facebook and YouTube.

“Our integration with RaceRender represents yet another example of our ongoing efforts to innovate and raise the bar with advanced technologies for 360-degree video and the broader action camera market,” said Peter Adderton, 360fly CEO. “In-video statistical data overlays are the ultimate bragging tool, as racers, riders and action sports enthusiasts display critical performance data, including top speeds, lap and race times and more.”

The standard 360fly camera is available at various retailers for $299 USD while the upgraded 4K version will set you back $499. VRFocus will continue its coverage of 360fly, reporting back with any further announcements.