Ace Banana Receives Debut Gameplay Trailer

Oasis Games revealed plans to publish five titles for PlayStation VR late last month, including Time of Virtual Reality’s Ace Banana. Placing the player in the role of a monkey archer, Ace Banana has now been showcased in a trailer revealing the gameplay of the title for the first time.

Ace Banana screenshot

Ace Banana is intended to act a casual party videogame in which multiple players can join together in a cartoonish arrow shooting simulation. Up to four players can act as one of the five sharp shooters in Banana Village, tasked with protecting unripe baby bananas from being stolen as rival monkeys invade the village. A number of unique power-ups will be available to help them as they engage flying monkeys, roboy monkeys and even vampire monkeys. Each player in Ace Banana can choose to co-operate with others to defeat enemies, or play counter-operatively, disturbing others from achieving their goals.

Currently expected to launch alongside the PlayStation VR on 13th October 2016, Ace Banana will be published digitally by Oasis Games. The first gameplay footage from Ace Banana can be seen below and VRFocus will keep you updated as the videogame approaches release.