A Gorilla and Yeti Join the Fight in World War Toons’ Latest Character Reveal

Four characters have already been revealed for Reload Studios’ World War Toons, two of which are females of the Sniper class, and the other two are of the Officer class. Now there are two more characters to enjoy, and these two latest ones are not of the human variety.

Kongo and Tom Yeti are a little different from your usual lineup of war time characters as they are a gorilla and a yeti. Kongo is a result of ground breaking experiments that raised his IQ all the way up to almost 100. His main feature is his strength and ability to hold three panzerschrecks under his arm, making him almost unstoppable.

tom yeti and kongo world war toons

Tom Yeti, however, is a happy self-efficient character who takes on the slapstick persona of an over exaggerated Swiss yodeller. He is “the abominable asset to the armed forces”, but also a “friendly fella”. If you could sum up Tom Yeti in one catchphrase, it certainly would be “yodel-le-hee-boom”.

World War Toons is set to come out for free on launch day for the PlayStation VR, and will also be available for the Oculus Rift.

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