360 Content and Ad Platform Circa 360 Launched

Circa, a mobile news and entertainment brand has announced the launch of its Circa 360 initiative which will showcase news and entertainment content shot in virtual reality (VR) while offering advertisers 360-degree and branded commercials.

Partnering with MomentumXR, a VR production company, Circa 360 will air 360-degree newscasts on Circa.com and its social platforms. All Circa 360 content will afford advertisers the ability to deliver pre-roll immersive ads through 360 AdSpots, a 360-degree and VR ad platform. Some of the content will also be available on the newscasts and websites of the 173 TV stations owned by its parent company, Sinclair Broadcast Group, with a reach 44.3 million households daily.

Circa 360 - HELLEVATOR

“A bold new era has arrived for experiential newscasting, where consumers get the keys to drive their own vehicle of self-exploration through an immersive, multimedia rich story. And Circa is thrilled to be partnered with MomentumXR to bring this compelling content to the mobile devices of our millennial audiences,” said Circa Chief Creative Officer John Solomon.

Circa 360’s initial content will be viewable on VR-friendly web browsers, but  because some browsers on iOS and other platforms don’t all support 360-degree viewing, Circa plans a release of its Android and iOS apps later this year.

Circa 360 will be releasing its first entertainment offer: a special VR preview for the second season of the Game Show Network’s horror-themed game show HELLEVATOR. Viewers will be able to go inside HELLEVATOR’s abandoned slaughterhouse to glimpse some of the gruesome challenges faced by competitors on the show.

“Our advertising platform is able to monetize the booming VR and 360 marketplace,” said Jonas Hudson, CEO of Momentum, XR and 360 AdSpots, “Until now, Hollywood has seen VR as a marketing cost.  Now, Hollywoodcan look at their greatest brands in VR and 360 as profit centers.”

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