2VR Hits IndieGoGo Funding Target

Last week VRFocus reported on Stimuli VR re-launching a crowd funding campaign on IndieGoGo for its virtual reality (VR) glasses, 2VR. 2VR Takes the Google Cardboard concept of a cheap and easy to use headset, but adds compactness and portability into the equation. Now the company has achieved its funding goal with plenty of time left.

Stimuli VR was looking to raise $3,000 USD from the campaign, and at the time of writing the company has hit $3,913 with 22 days left to go. There were three early bird tiers available to backers, enabling them to get 2VR at a cheaper price. The first early bird tier has now sold out with the second and third tiers running out fast. After these have sold out the standard price will be $35, estimated shipping for the 2VR glasses is scheduled for November 2016.


Rather than the boxy, cumbersome design of other VR head-mounted displays (HMDs), the 2VR headset goes for a simple light weight, glasses-based design. There are two sets of arms – front ones to hold the phone, rear to attach to your head – which completely foldable, allowing the headset to be small enough to be put inside a pocket. The majority of modern smartphones with screen sizes ranging from 4? up to 5.5? should be compatible, and depending on how much more money the campaign raises more colour combinations will become available, so that backers have a wider choice of colour options.

If you’re really keen on the design then there’s also the 2VR Referral Program. This enables backers to secure a free pair of 2VR glasses for every $300 of referrals they bring in. Simply log into your IndieGoGo account and use the website’s share tools.

VRFocus will continue to follow the progress of Stimuli VR and its 2VR glasses, reporting back with any new updates on the campaign.