VRTO Announces VR and AR Story-Centric Festival

Those who have organised Virtual Reality Toronto (VRTO) now bring Festival of International Virtual and Augmented Reality Stories (FIVARS), which was established in 2015 as the first Canadian festival concentrating on story-centric virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences.

There are six highlights among the 22 that will be presented that define what this festival will be all about. These include Nobel Nightmare by Chamsy Sarkis, who gives insight into the Syrian city of Aleppo with the Syrian Civil Defense teams; The Click Effect by Sandy Smolan, which follows two renegade marine science researches as they free-dive to capture the click communication of dolphins and whales; Defrost features Bruce Davison, who acts in X-Men and Those Who Kill, as well as Carl Weathers, who plays in Rocky and Predator, where there is a bittersweet reunion of patient and her family after being cryogenically frozen.


Other titles also include Nima Dehghani’s Decompensation, which is an installation presented over five stations looking into the psychological stages experienced by refugees; Jonathan Sims’ DREAMTIME which takes you on a psychedelic meditation; and Wild Things: The VR Experience takes you to Balim Indonesia with Lord of the Rings’ Dominic Monaghan to wrangle snakes.

Keram Malicki-Sanchez, Founder of “FIVARS sets itself apart from the pack by challenging its entrants to demonstrate a unique mechanic that challenges this renaissance in immersive technological storytelling. We want to prevent the dust from settling for as long as possible, and our collection of international experiments will continually aspire to shake up the industry.”

The event will take place from 16th to 18th September in Canada. Tickets are on sale with advanced ones available for $25 (CAD), and tickets on the door will cost $35. Each ticket is sold for one hour blocks for a total of 30 minutes viewing time.

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