uSens Opens Beta For VR and AR Head and Hand Tracking SDK and Pre-Orders For Hardware

It has been shared today that the software development kit (SDK) that has been developed by uSens Inc has been released as an open beta, and its Fingo hardware is available for pre-order.

As part of its uDev Network that has been launched, there are full-stack developer kits and support for popular integrated development environments (IDE) and work flows. uSens software supports Unity 3D, Java, C++, and C# for both mobile and PC. “By putting software and hardware directly in the hands of platform, hardware, and content makers, uSens enables developers to create the most naturally interactive 3D experiences, pushing the boundaries of virtual reality.”


Its Fingo series offers 3D human-computer interaction for most mobile and PC head-mounted displays (HMD), including GEar VR, HTC Vive, OCulus Rift, and Google Cardboard. When users attach the module to the front of their HMD, they can use their hands and head to interact with apps. There are three types: entry-level Fingo, which lets devs add 26 degrees of freedom (DOF) handtracking, color Fingeo, where there is 60DOF and AR overlay, and power Fingo, where it combines the other two’s capabilities.

“We’re focused on building the best inside-out hand and position tracking tools that are both flexible and easy to use,” said Dr. Yue Fei, uSens CTO and Co-Founder in a press release. “Developers across the board are now able to have full customization and support to craft the most realistic and immersive experiences in ARVR. Without the need for expensive, cumbersome peripheral devices like controllers and cameras, a broad variety of ARVR vertical applications will benefit, including automotive, education, entertainment, medical, R&D, and more.”

You can request a dev kit online.

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