The Internet Comes to VR with Firefox and OSVR

Sensics has today launched a new web experience, WebVR: a project which began back in 2014. With this integration you can seamlessly switch from a web experience to a virtual reality (VR) experience within OSVR compatible head-mounted displays (HMDs), including Sensics, Vuzix, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. WebVR is available to all for free and without the need for complicated downloads or additional plugins.


The integration of WebVR to the popular browser, Firefox, allows users to switch between a standard web view on a traditional monitor and a VR view through a HMD. Use cases for this technology include real estate, in which a user could be viewing properties and simply select an in-browser option to launch a virtual tour, or the immediate viewing of 3D models through online services such as Sketchfab.

The collaboration between Mozilla and Sensics makes viewing the web in VR accessible without having to pause to download special software and will lead to the inclusion of VR across the web. It is also a crucial step for the future of mainstream VR: enabling VR devices of any kind to use a web browser creates infinite possibilities for where, when and how people can access VR.

With the current integration, OSVR-WebVR allows users to experience WebVR with any device supported by OSVR. This includes HMDs such as OSVR HDK, Sensics, Vuzix, Oculus and HTC, numerous position and orientation trackers, controllers such as the Razer Hydra, HTC Vive Controller, the Nod Backspin and others. One of the most important goals of WebVR is interoperability, meaning that users can experience content across a wide spectrum of hardware. However, Mac and Linux are not currently supported with the Oculus Rift and cannot be used for viewing WebVR content.

OSVR Hacker Dev Kit

Now that the initial OSVR integration with Firefox is complete, WebVR are looking to strength the proposition with further opportunities, such as eye tracking, augmented reality (AR) target recognition and more. VRFocus will bring you details on how to implement WebVR in your Firefox browser later today.