Tactical Military Shooter Onward Arrives For HTC Vive As Early Access Title

There are plenty of shooters available for the HTC Vive, but very few put players in a realistic military setting with a serious atmosphere – that is exactly what Downpour Interactive’s Onward does.

Onward is very much a military simulation, with players requiring coordination, communications and object completing skills in online infantry combat, all on the HTC Vive. In this Early Access version, the title has functioning online multiplayer, two maps with day and night modes, and equipment such as grenades, flash bangs, and night vision. There are also 28 faction speccific weapons, and a shooting range to become as skilled as you can.


If you think that this build isn’t up to scratch, then the developers have reassured us that there is so much more to come of the title: “Onward is still in its early stages, so there will be bugs and issues found in this current build. However, this is only the beginning. Onward will continually improve over time with weekly updates, bug fixes and new content!”

The full version is expected to have six to eight maps, custom built weapons, a character assets. The developer went on to explain: “Once the community has grown and I have stress tested servers, I hope to push the player count up to 12v12. I also want to add a coop “enemy elimination” mode in the future so players can team up together against AI on multiplayer maps, to practice before going to PVP. And lastly I also plan to have deeper steam integration in terms of ranks and achievements.”

The price for Onward is currently £18.99 (GBP), and it is expected to increase as it becomes a full title. The full title is expected to come out after 10 to 12 months in Early Access.

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