Scientists Have Created a Way For People to Enter VR Scenes By Digitalising Their Bodies

When capturing footage for virtual reality (VR), or more 360 video, people and figures are often quite flat and not very detailed. German scientists have now created 3D reconstruction technology that claims to pick up the finest details of anybody who sits in front of its many cameras.

Fraunhofer HHI researchers have created a set of multiple cameras which create a “perfect three-dimensional impression” which claims to pick up as much detail as what you could if you were to look at the real object or person.


As well as its camera technology, there are deeper configurations that ensure top quality reconstructions. Algorithms can extract depth information from the camera images, which is necessary to create an accurate 3D image. As the person is scanned and calculated, they are then transferred into the virtual world where you can even see detail such as creases in clothing.

The cameras take a few seconds to process all of this, and this can be quickly forgiven as “the illusion is perfect” as every gesture is recreated seamlessly, and you can even interact directly with the virtual scene you are scanned into.

Future plans for this technology include a spread across different applications, such as video conference calls, and even for television entertainment, as the viewer would be able to take in not only the scene, but be in it, too.

This technology is on show at IFA in Berlin, Germany, as well as in IBC in Amsterdam.

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