Reload Studios Reveals Two Characters For World War Toons

Reload Studios, developers of World War Toons, broadcasted on Twitch tonight in their usual fashion to make an announcement that plays into the studio’s latest announcements. There have been two characters revealed, which is only the tip of the iceberg for reveals.

Both the new characters revealed are of the Officer class, and the first that was announced was Sturm Shark, which is of course a German name. He is a shark, and gnaws through things, as far as the trailer explained. General Mayhem was up next, and in the promotional trailer it is said that the General is not only a master of demolition, but he is also a “literal crazy person”. Although these are both of the same class, they both differ very much from each other, and so this will be the theme throughout the other classes.

World War Toons screenshot


As well as these two characters, it was hinted by William Lewis, the Community Manager for Reload Studios, that as the title contains the word “toons”, there would be more emphasis on it. This was the first character reveal of “many”, and it was also said that “there’s a lot of guys in the game, maybe that needs to be fixed”.

Of course this was only one type of playable character detailed today, but the other classes that were revealed recently are Solders, who drop a limited time health pack in the form of a picnic basket, which is very much not expected of a solider but more of a dedicated healer class; and Snipers, who utilise an exploding decoy to distract opponents.

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