Raw Data Receives New Missions, Enemies & Features in Latest Update For HTC Vive

After Survios, developers of Raw Data, launched its virtual reality (VR) title as an Early Access title on Steam, it has received its first major updates, including enemies, missions, features, improvements, and fixes.

The new mission that will be added to Raw Data is Nuke Fusion, where players can try out the Data Chamber-centric area of Eden Corp. where you can shoot enemies and dodge death beams, teleshifting across platforms around the reactor powering Eden’s facilities.

raw data cover art


There are a couple new enemies to tackle in this update too, including Mega Dynomo, who will bring out “the big guns” and it is hinted that there will be a certain amount of smashing when coming in contact with him. There is also a handy tip to avoid Mega Dynomo: “make taking out those bots booking it to the reactor your top priority”.

The other enemy that will be added is the Beamfire Mekomo, which is an upgraded model of Bustfire Mekomo, which shoots solid plasma energy beams with more accuracy than its predecessor.

Players will be able to use a new type of defense with plasma turrets, which will protect you so you can have extra backup with this extra powerful turret.

There are four new features that have also been listed: Rack-Up Screen, which shows your total uploaded data, mission scores, Crypto currency rewards, and available unlocked tech; Difficulty System, where players can adjust the difficulty of Eden’s systems, including a Nightmare mode; Leaderboards, which are pretty self-explanatory; and Multiplayer Quickplay, where players can team up and jump in without waiting around.

Gameplay has also been improved with the Cloak Tekomo being upgraded, Saija has received “buffs” to her stats and abilities, and there have been sound effects added to indicate when cooldowns have been refreshed.

Other fixes have been implemented, like when you return to the main menu it will now default to the level select screen, there is no more multiplayer launch with only one player in the lobby, it’s not possible to be continually pushed upward as a Bishop, and you cannot lose access to guns.

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