Protect Your Virtual World in Arcade Shooter DEADLOCK

It seems as though the interest and excitement for arcade shooters will not come to an end any time soon, with DEADLOCK, developed by DFE, coming to the HTC Vive.

DEADLOCK goes another layer deeper than other shooters as you are to defend your virtual world from hackers in a universe where computer networks control everything. As an experienced Systems Administrator, you are to defend your your large and powerful network from evil forces looking to hack into your domain and take everything over.

deadlock screenshot

Using the HTC Vive in a similar way to Blasters of the Universe and Space Pirate Trainer, the user is to defend against waves of enemies who come up close to their barriers. Using a shield and pistols, you must defeat them all. But, it won’t all be the same as there are three different enemies: troopers, attack dogs, and flying drones. Your pistols are also capable of lasers of bullets, so find out the best way to defeat these different foes.

This is just an Early Access version, and so there are more features anticipated to be added to the final version. These include more weapons, including melee, and enemies to match and play well against them. There will also be more maps, and boss fights to differentiate between them and add more spice to the game as a whole.

Arcade shooter DEADLOCK is currently on sale for £3.83 (GBP), 20% less then the original price of £4.79. The price is said to change depending on how much the game changes while in Early Access.

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