Life in 360°: Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

Welcome back to another week of virtual, augmented and mixed reality news on VRFocus which over the weekend celebrated a little social media milestone of hitting 25,000 followers on our @VRFocus Twitter account. So, from us all, thank you very much for your support and if you don’t follow us at the moment please consider doing so.

I have recently come back from two weeks off, most of which I spent at home either working or being ill. Yay rest. So I’m still very much in a holiday mode and even though I didn’t really go anywhere fancy the sun is still bright, the sky is still blue, summer is still here (at least where I am) and so I’m taking everyone off to the seaside for today’s Life In 360.

We’re off to the west coast and to Weston-super-Mare, which you will know as a classic seaside destination – or ‘that place Banksy put his Dismaland exhibition’. Actually I quite like Weston-super-Mare, so here’s a new owner of a 360 degree camera taking it for a stroll along the seafront, comprising the Princess Royal Square, fountain area and also takes in the Grand Pier.

‘Li360’ will be back on VRFocus this Wednesday with a story about ghost trains, and be sure to check out all the stories that went up over the weekend.